Tournament Schedule

2019 Jackson Tournament

Jackson Memorial High School (JMHS)101 Don Connor Blvd, Jackson, NJ 
Clayton Gym: Enter the front school parking lot and at far end (to your left facing school) is a building labeled Joseph Clayton.
Memorial Gym: Park by the tennis courts and enter the door labeled Gymnasium.

Lucy Holman Elementary School (Holman)125 Manhattan St, Jackson, NJ

: Only one semifinal game will be played if the team qualifies. Both semifinal games are listed for informational purposes only.
DayDateTimeOBHA TeamOpponentUniformLocationScore
SAT1/2612:30 PM
3rd/4th BoysLaceyGrayJMHS Clayton
SUN1/277:50 PM3rd/4th BoysNeptuneGrayHolman
SAT2/28:00 PM3rd/4th BoysSemifinal, if qualifyTBDJMHS Clayton
SAT2/28:15 PM3rd/4th BoysSemifinal, if qualifyTBDJMHS Memorial
SAT2/92:45 PM3rd/4th BoysChampionshipTBDJMHS Clayton
SUN1/271:05 PM5th BoysJacksonPurpleHolman
SAT2/27:50 PM5th BoysW. Long BranchGrayHolman
SUN2/39:00 AM5th BoysSemifinal, if qualifyTBDHolman
SAT2/97:10 PM5th BoysChampionshipTBDJMHS Memorial
SUN1/2712:00 PM6th BoysScotch PlainsGrayHolman
SUN1/272:15 PM6th BoysBarnegatGrayHolman
SUN2/310:10 AM6th BoysSemifinal, if qualifyTBDHolman
SUN2/311:20 AM6th BoysSemifinal, if qualifyTBDHolman
SAT2/912:30 PM6th BoysChampionshipTBDJMHS Memorial
FRI1/257:20 PM8th BoysHowellPurpleHolman
SUN1/276:40 PM8th BoysBarnegatGrayHolman
SUN2/311:20 AM8th BoysSemifinal, if qualifyTBDJMHS Memorial
SUN2/312:25 PM8th BoysSemifinal, if qualifyTBDJMHS Clayton
SAT2/93:50 PM8th BoysChampionshipTBDTBD